Monday, March 7, 2011


We’ve all seen (and sometimes used) phone scripts. A good call script helps you maintain and advance the sales momentum - and does it by asking the targeted questions that get the answers that help you keep your prospect on the critical path to closing. Why don’t we employ the same logic with our email templates?

The F/U emails sent to my mystery shoppers usually say “If you have any questions or concerns I am here to help” or “Our goal at ABC Motors is to make lifelong customers” or “We want to provide you with a truly ‘hassle-free’ purchase experience” or something similar, which is all fine and good, but do these messages advance the sales momentum? I think not.

However, there is a challenge; email and phone are different media. Most e-prospects are unresponsive; how can we ask the right questions and keep them on the critical path when there is no interaction?

Consider this: there are 3 key elements to the sale: 1). The vehicle they want to buy, 2). The vehicle they want to trade-in, and 3). The money they will acquire to pay for it. Isn’t it safe to think that the prospect is interested in at least one of these three things? So why not lead him/her down the critical path by offering opportunities - opportunities to get answers and information to these critical components of the sale?

EXAMPLE: “Do you have a trade-in? Want to know what it is worth today? A free, no obligation appraisal at our store takes only minutes.” Or maybe “Would you like to know in advance what kind of financing you can get at ABC Ford? Just click this link, fill-out the credit app and we’ll get right back to you with answers” etc. etc. etc.

Write your F/U emails so that they advance the sales momentum – you can do it by giving the prospect value in each email - value in the form of opportunity.

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