Monday, March 7, 2011


I think I just received the best FQR (First Quality Response) email my mystery shoppers have ever seen. My shoppers always select a specific vehicle from the dealers’ inventory, click on the “Get Your Free Internet Price Quote” button and write a little something in the “Comments” box. In the examples below the shopper was inquiring about a specific 2010 F-150 and under “Comments” wrote “2010 incentives?” That’s it.

Most FQRs I receive read like this actual reply:

I received your request for information on a 2010 Ford F-150. I tried to reach you by phone, so I could get a little more information from you and what we are trying to do. I can be reached by email or phone to better assist you at ....

This doesn’t really provide anything at all that the shopper requested, does it?

Now, here is the FQR I received from another dealer yesterday. And notice that it is not a template! Wow.

Thank you for your inquiry. My name is XXXXXXX, I'm the internet sales manager for XXXXX. I would like to be your sales person and help you from point A to Z with your purchase.

I see that you’re in the market for a new 2010 F150 and would like to know about current incentives. The rebates right now are very high on the remaining 2010's available. The 2011's will be out in December or January so now is the best time to get the best deal on a 2010. The rebates depend on what cab size and series you’re interested in.

The super cab 4x2 STX F150 that you inquired about is available and it's window sticker is pasted below my contact info. This truck has $XXXX in total rebates available and an additional $XXXX rebate if you trade in a 1995 or newer vehicle making it $XXXX. However I would provide you with more discounts then this even. The supercab STX below MSRP's at $XXXXX but your sale price after all rebates (including financing with Ford and the additional trade-in rebate) would be $XXXXX!! This is really cutting to the chase and I can only offer this until the end of the month because the extra $XXXX trade-in rebate will go away on the 2nd of November.

However If you would be interested in a crewcab XLT then there is a total of $XXXX in rebates plus the trade-in rebate making the total $XXXX before my discounts….

As a potential buyer I now feel totally informed, educated and illuminated. This guy just removed all the mystery and obfuscation surrounding pricing and incentives. I trust him, and I am ready to put myself into his hands. Now, whose phone call am I going to return? His, or the guy in the 1st example above who gave me no information up front?

POSTSCRIPT: You know what’s sad about the mystery shop above? The fantastic 1st Quality Response email above is all I ever got from that salesperson. No more emails, no phone calls or text messages at all.

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