Monday, March 7, 2011


With few exceptions (Autotrader T.I.M., Sam’s Club program, USAA and/or other special programs) all of your incoming new car eLeads fall into one of 4 categories:

- 1). New Car, General Inquiry (Provides name, contact info, name of make and model vehicle desired - and little else. I call this a"'WTF?" lead)

- 2). New Car VIN-Specific Inquiry (Here is my contact info. What’s your price on this particular car?)

- 3). Used Car (Here is my contact info. Is this car still available? and/or What’s your price on this car?), and

- 4). Credit App First. (The prospect begins everything by submitting a credit app).

Each lead type requires its own unique 1st response. Failure to send the correct response can result in a disgusted prospect. Example: the guy who sends you a New Car VIN-Specific Inquiry might be offended if your 1st reply is “I need more information before I can help you. Please call me at….” He already gave you his contact info and told you the VIN or stock number of the specific car he desires. Therefore, your reply could be interpreted as a ploy to get him on the phone without providing any information upfront. There’s a strong chance he has already branded you as an “old school” car salesman who just wants to get him into the store and hose him. If so, you will never, ever hear from this guy again.

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